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The Quinault Indian Nation Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) is a tribally based employment rights initiative. The program seeks to maximize American Indian opportunities by the establishment of an employment preference ordinance and contract compliance program for private contractors who may have construction projects on or near the reservation. In addition to the Quinault Indian Nation more than 300 Indian Tribes and Alaska Native-village governments nationwide have established TERO offices.

TERO is a sovereignty based employment rights program that provides American Indian preference in employment, training, contracting and sub-contacting on projects on the reservation. The Quinault Indian Nation government has established provisions that require the compliance of private contractors, unions and other entities in accord with TERO.

Administration of the TERO program is performed by:

  • TERO Commission, Director and support staff that implement, maintain and enforce employment and labor requirements. Special contract provisions help private contractors meet their employment and contracting responsibilities for projects on the reservation.
  • TERO Directors and staff also provide contractors with an available TERO applicant skills bank for employee recruitment, referrals and hiring. In addition, the Quinault Indian Nation TERO program provides applicants with job counseling, coaching, supportive services, complaint investigation and career information.

Quinault Indian Nation TERO

TERO does not directly hire or make hiring decisions however it does refer qualified Quinault Indian Nation tribal members and other Indians to companies that do business on the lands of the Quinault Indian Nation.

The Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance was enacted by the Quinault Indian Nation in 1987. This unique employment law, Title 97, requires every employer doing business on or near the Quinault Indian Nation Reservation give preference to qualified Indians.

Quinault Indian Nation TERO

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